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A Fiscal Watchdog Who Will Keep Neighborhoods Safe.

Elect Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick for State Senate!

Help Patricia win in November and serve Nassau County in Albany as our next State Senator.

About Patricia

Meet Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick


As our voice in Albany, Patricia will push to protect STAR and deliver tax relief to Middle Class Long Island families, for more state funding for Nassau’s world-class public schools and more accountability and common sense in state government.

With taxes through the roof, criminals set free on our street and our suburban quality of life under attack, we need Patricia fighting for us in the State Senate more than ever.

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Patricia's Priorities

A true independent voice for the residents of the 9th Senate District.  Patricia will vote in the best interests of her constituents and not her political party. 

Back the Blue

As a mother, Patricia knows the importance of keeping our families safe. As Malverne’s former Police Commissioner, she understands that enacting common sense laws and standing with law enforcement makes a difference. In the Senate, she will oppose Defund the Police, and repeal bail and other laws that put dangerous criminals back on our streets.

Put Taxpayers First

Raging inflation is making it harder for Long Islanders to make ends meet. As a Village official, Patricia worked to hold the line on taxes. In the Senate, she’ll be our fiscal watchdog, working to stop runaway state spending, cut taxes and make the return of STAR rebate checks for homeowners permanent.

Fight for Our Fair Share

Nassau County has some of the best public schools in the nation. But when it comes to getting our fair share of state funding, Nassau gets shortchanged, sending more to Albany than we get back for schools, highways, public safety and transit. Patricia will always stand up for Nassau County and deliver for Long Island taxpayers.

Restore Accountability

New Yorkers are tired of corrupt government leaders who seem to care more about their own careers than about taxpayers. In the Senate, Patricia will work to restore trust in government and fight to find answers about nursing home deaths from COVID covered up by our former Governor.  


Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick!


Support Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick!

Show your support with a donation, placing a lawn sign in your yard or by volunteering your time and help elect Patricia to the NY State Senate this November.

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